The first Offestival photo-essay was exhibited in July 2009 during FotoRio and was produced by Paula Cinquetti, founder and curator of Offestival, who showed photos taken in one of the first Sao Paulo Samba Schools, Camisa Verde e Branco, inside the facilities of its Rio godmother samba school, Mangueira.

The photos were put up at the entrance of the school's inner yard and also at the entrance of the Mangueira favela during one of the feijoadas, meal that traditionally takes place on Saturdays.  Due to a happy coincidence, members of Camisa Verde e Branco were present during the intervention and felt quite moved by the homage paid to their school. 

The interaction between communities that resulted from this intervention was so big that Paula was invited by the directors of Mangueira to document all their activities so that she might glue those photos inside the Camisa Verde e Branco school during some other offestival. 

Essay by Paula Cinquetti/ making off and glued by Paula, Robson da Lua and Guy Veloso