The "Historical Belem" essay is made up of photographs of details of "azulejos" (traditional painted tiles) in the historic center of Belém of Para, presented by photographers Guy Veloso, Michel Pinho, Alan Soares and Luiza Cavalcante.

As well as Paraty, Belém was founded during Brazil's colonial period, and the Belém photo-essay glued on the walls of Paraty juxtaposed two cities with similar architecture and background that are virtually unknown to each other. 

The photos were put up in one of the most crowded areas of the city, around the da Paz Square, in the Ilha das Cobras neighborhood.  During the intervention there was a lot of interaction with the inhabitants of the area, many people observed the activity with much interest and a child asked if we could glue a photograph also on the walls of his house. 

Essay by Guy Veloso, Michel Pinho, Alan Soares and Luiza Cavalcante | making off and by Paula Cinquetti and Cesar de Paula